Official Showcase @ OSAC's Showcase 2019

So our summer touring season has finally winded down and we're gearing up for all that this fall is bringing with it. In super exciting news we'll be officially showcasing for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) in Saskatoon, SK, CAN in a couple of weeks from now. We're really looking forward to this incredible opportunity to share our latest material with a fantastic audience of music appreciators and aficionados - and we hope to make many new friends at this creative community gathering.

We're also going to be joined at OSAC by fellow Albertan artists Over The Moon and Martin Kerr - so you know it's gonna be a great time! Super exciting for us is that the lovely Laurie Brown of Porch Swing Entertainment will be representing us again at this event and we're sooo thrilled to have her onboard for the ride. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming down the pipe in the coming months. We're going to be hitting the studio again really soon and can't wait to get our newest songs recorded!

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