2018 Updates & 2017 Highlights

Howdy folks! It's a new year and we figured a quick update and recap would be in order. 2017 was a really exciting year for us and we hope it was a great year for you as well. We officially launched our Flint & Feather project this past June and spent the next seven months working hard to share our new sound and direction with folks all over the place. It's been quite the journey since then! Some specific career highlights from this past year include:

- Performed 65 gigs (32 in Europe, 33 in North America)
- Performed 11 Music Festival (1 in Europe, 10 in North America)
- Received three separate career support grants
- Recorded a new single with producer Russell Broom
- Upgraded our touring vehicle to a 1984 Dodge Ram Prospector
- Survived 3500+ KMs through the Rocky Mountains

At the moment we're in the midst of a songwriting season, an we'll be performing a few specific public events over the next couple of months. We'd love to see you at an upcoming gig! A full listing of our upcoming performances in and around Alberta can be found HERE.

Lastly, we have a lot of plans for 2018 and if you'd like to get more of an inside scoop on things, please SIGN-UP to our Artist Newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for more personal updates.