We're BAAACK!!!

WOW! We just returned from showcasing at the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA) in Chattanooga, TN, USA and what an experience it was! Each day was filled with meet-ups, friendly meals, and workshops hosted by industry members and fellow artists, and every evening was a smattering of delicious showcase performances from groups from all across North America. Lauren and I were utterly blown away by the warm welcome we received at SERFA and we're both looking forward to seeing what kinds of partnerships and collaborations might come out of it in the near future. Our sincerest thanks to all of the SERFA organizing committee and volunteers who made this event such a memorable experience. Shoutouts to the Chattanoogan Hotel staff as well for accommodating all of us folkies and our various needs!

We also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of the kind folks in the Maryland Room and the lovely Laurie Brown of Porch Swing Entertainment for attending the conference with us and offering such great support, friendship, and fellowship throughout the event. We are so thankful for meeting each and everyone who attended SERFA but wanted to quickly highlight a few folks in particular:

Ellis: Thank you yet again for graciously attending our performance and chatting it up with us during the weekend. You've been a longtime inspiration of ours and we were so grateful to receive your genuine care and encouragement. We've been listening to your new album 24/7 and especially love '5 Alarm Fire'.

Michael: Thanks for being the first person to reach out to us for a guerrilla showcase! You took a big chance on us and we're so glad to have connected with you and learned more about your work with NERFA and the FMSH. We'll certainly be getting in touch ASAP once we've got our schedule sorted out a little more.

Nancy: Thank you for taking a chance on us and accommodating Lauren's pregnancy for our guerrilla showcase with you. It was our first ever guerrilla and you made us feel so comfortable to share a little of who we are and what we do. We look forward to staying in contact and learning much more about your LilFest efforts.

Joe: We really appreciated you inviting us to take part in your guerrilla showcase at SERFA. We had a lot of fun connect with your audience and were so thankful for your kind words about our performance. We definitely looking forward to see you again at the next regional!

JB: You were so kind to invite us to shoot a live video with you. Thank you for your encouraging words as well - we really appreciated that affirmation. You worked extremely hard all conference to capture all the footage you did and many folks will greatly benefit from the fruits of your labour.

David: We loved being able to take part in the magic you've developed with the Gypsy Wagon Studio and really enjoyed being interviewed for KC Cafe Radio. We hope your journeys went smoothly, as we recall you had to pack up the wagon for quite the trip! Looking forward to seeing you again at another conference real soon.

We also wanted to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to FACTOR Canada and the SOCAN Foundation for helping to fund this incredible experience. Without their generous support, we wouldn't been able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Thank you again SOCAN Foundation and FACTOR Canada for helping us continue to pursue our dreams! We are so very thankful for your ongoing support and are excited for our next partnership with you!

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